Reverend Ken’s Commissioning Service

A lovely Service was held at Oban Parish Church on Monday night when Rev Prof Kenneth Ross was Commissioned for his new role in Africa. Lots of folk attended here are some photos of just a few of us.


Good Friday in Kilbrandon

Kilbrandon hosted a different event for Good Friday this year. Maggie played her wonderful choice of music at intervals during the hour and people were free to come and go in their own time. Pictures and prayer stations were arranged around the church and bibles were open at appropriate passages for meditation. The pictures will remain in place until Pentecost, June 9th, with a simplified guide because other props have been removed. The model of Jerusalem was also used for a Palm Sunday telling of the Godly Play story “Jesus and Jerusalem” in both Kilchattan and Kilbrandon churches. This story has also been told in both our primary schools and for a local gathering of Godly Play storytellers.


Xplorer Fun at Easter

The kids had fun decorating then rolling their eggs and also made windmills!