Letters to Bemvu

Ken, our minister will have an opportunity to visit our partner congregation at Bemvu in Malawi in early June 2015. The church members at Bemvu are keen to make our communication more personal and to have more people involved in it. Could you write a one page letter introducing yourself to our friends in Bemvu? If possible, it would be best for the letter to be hand written and great if you could include a photograph of yourself. Include your postal address for purposes of reply. Every letter will be very welcome – hand to Ken or Phil Moss.

There will be a Fairtrade stall in Kilchattan Church on Sunday 24th May.

The Kirk Session and Congregational Board are looking for your vote!

FOR KILBRANDON WORSHIPPERS – the Kirk Session and Congregational Board are looking for your vote!  We are considering having all our Sunday services at Kilbrandon at 10.00am (instead of at 11.00am on the last Sunday of the month), and we are also thinking about taking out one front pew on both sides of the church to give us some more space at the front.  Your views and your vote on both these proposals are vital, so we are issuing a ballot paper with the orders of service on 10, 17 and 24 May.  Please place your completed ballot in the ballot box at the front of the church by Sunday 21 June at the latest.

Moderators’ Munro and the Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Message from the Church moderators, please consider this as you go to church today and pray for those in need of our aid, thank you:

This is the first and only time in the Moderatorial year that I have attempted to make direct contact with every minister and congregation in the Church of Scotland, but I believe it is justified by the urgency of the situation which has overtaken the people of Nepal.

Rachel Hutcheson (Moderator of the National Youth Assembly) and John Chalmers  climbed Ben Lomond on Saturday 2nd May – our “Moderators’ Munro Challenge” the aim was to raise awareness of and raise money for Christian Aid in the 70th year of its work across the world. Our good intention, however, has now become an urgent cause. Because together with Christian Aid we have decided that all of the proceeds raised on Saturday will be given to the CHRISTIAN AID NEPAL EARTHQUAKE APPEAL.

As I write more than £6,000 has already been donated through the web giving page https://70munros.everydayhero.com/uk/rt-rev-john-chalmers

There’s more detail about the Moderators’ Munro at http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news_and_events/news/recent/moderators_munro_challenge_becomes_urgent_fundraising_effort_for_nepal and it’s not too late for you to get sponsored and come with us on Saturday as we walk and pray for the people of Nepal. Sign up at: http://act.christianaid.org.uk/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=48&ea.campaign.id=31523 but if you can’t come with us please sponsor us using the address above.
With thanks for taking the time to consider this request,
Kindest regards
Rt Rev John Chalmers
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Report for Easter Monday Fun Time.

“Things that rise” being the main theme.

Paul Beautyman arrived at the Hall with Connor and Sam, his young assistants, having climbed up to Dunadd Fort on their way from Dunoon to Kilmelford.
They tuned their guitars and rehearsed the song, “Our God is a great big God” whilst the home team unpacked boxes of craft materials, set the table and heated soup ready for lunch.

Ken joined us and we all had something to eat and ran through the programme which included craft and music workshops. Paul began telling the Easter story for the young who arrived for one o’clock and the later arrivals joined in. The children very much enjoyed Paul’s imaginative telling of the Easter story and the 2 action games that followed; Sam and Connor played major roles in the games.

The first children arriving had the opportunity to begin some of the craft activities and some of the older children had baked cakes with Isabel in the kitchen. Others had decorated carrier bags; chocolate and shredded wheat nests were made in which “mini eggs” were placed as well as eggs the young people made from regal icing.

Fiona Morrison and her mother, Gillian, who kindly joined us for the day, helped the children design place mats with an aquarium theme. Sarah Whittle’s father was in charge of laminating the place mats ready for their creators to take home.
Sam and Connor manned the table making small kites, thank you boys you did a great job.

Sarah lead a very lively music workshop on the themes of baking, stirring and rising; a very successful venture.

Ruth Gatward looked after a mobile making table for the younger children, so it is hoped that there was something for everyone to enjoy making and to take home.

There was a quiet interval for a snack for the young and welcome mugs of tea and coffee and home baking for all the helpers and Mums who had stayed to give a hand and chat in the kitchen: the company and fellowship being part of the day’s ethos.

Paul gathered the children to lead a final group discussion on what they had learnt, enjoyed or not liked before going outside to hang the kites on the tree and blow bubbles in the afternoon sunshine; a very happy and prayer led end to the afternoon.

The event would not have been so enjoyable without all the help and support from all those involved for which Ken, the minister, and the Xplorers leaders are very grateful.

A vote of thanks from the Bemvu community

Dear Phil,

Receive greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to give a detailed report on how the funds were used upon receipt.

1. 17 bags, each at k6500 were for distribution to the flood victims at our church thus 17 * k6500 = k110, 500.00.

2. 7 bags of maize, each at 6500.00 for our church minister thus 7 * k6,500.00 = k45,500.00

3. Maize transportation = k10, 000.00

4. Transport to access money from the bank for three people on several occasions = k8,100.00.00

5. Labor (Loading and offloading) = k3000.00

6. Photographer’s price = k5400.00

7. Scale borrowing fee = k1000.00

8. Scanning of photographs = k1500.00



BALANCE = 187,000.00 – 185,000.00 = K2000.00

 Be informed that 50 members from the church congregation and the entire community benefitted from this initiative. In short, there were 50 beneficiaries and out of this; 37 were females and the remaining males. The Distribution took place on 10th April, 2015 inside Thuchira C.C.A.P. For names of the beneficiaries, refer to the attached document.

Basically, each beneficiary was given 17kg of maize on this day. My apologies for delay to give you this detailed report. This was due to delays in having access to the photos we took during the distribution day. I had to wait for him to bring the photos. These are the photos that highlight some of the activities mostly during the day of distribution.

Dear Phil,


We as a church, would like to thank you and the entire congregation at your church for the support offered to as during such a challenging time. We are really very appreciative for showing this brotherly love in our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for the money that was sent to us.

May the almighty Father continue blessing you and the entire church in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and may his grace be with everybody there, Amen!

Henry Bonomali (Session Clerk),


Argyll Convention AGM

The AGM of the Argyll Convention will be a public meeting with a guest speaker.

It takes place at 7.30pm on Monday 27th April at the Argyllshire Gathering Halls. The guest speaker will be Oban High School former pupil and Moderator-Designate of the Church of Scotland, Rev Dr Angus Morrison.

His talk is entitled ‘Bible Reading – God Speaking’. He will speak about the Bible’s role in the life of the church and the individual, and tell something of his own journey with The Book.