Members of the congregation will recall that, on 7th February this year, the Netherlorn Churches Kirk Sessions held an open Away Day at the Cuilfail Hotel in  Kilmelford, looking at different ways of taking our congregations into the future. Since then, lots of people in our own congregation have come up with lots of suggestions about how to implement the recommendations  arising from the away day. Our own Kirk Session has decided to hold another open meeting , at Kilbrandon Church on Tuesday 1st September  at 7.45pm, to look at these recommendations  and discuss how best to take them forward, to which  everyone from the congregation should be invited. Please come along to what promises to be a very stimulating and productive meeting – all welcome!

Barnacarry Picnic update

We meet at Barnacarry Beach at 2.30pm.  Please bring your own picnic and any beach toys or games you’d like to share.
 If the weather is bad and it’s raining we will move  to Kilmelford Village Hall.  Parking is limited, so please share cars whenever possible.  
Directions to Barnacarry
Take the turning to the left opposite
 to Kilninver School and proceed to the junction by Kilninver Church.  Turn left
After you have crossed the bridge proceed up the steep hill going towards Seil and Easedale.
A few hundred yards after you begin to go down the hill you will see a private road on your right, This leads to Barnacarry.
There is parking available at the farm buildings, but please share cars whenever possible.
Barnacarry poster

Parish Walk Sunday 28 June 2015 update

Meet at Kilmelford church car park at 1:45pm for 2pm, set off to loch Avich

Explorers OS map 359. 360

The Sreign of Lorn is part of the ancient drove road from the west coast to the cattle trysts of Creiff – Perth.

Start from opposite Loch Avich House, 4 1/2 miles over the estate land and cross the Alt-na Derg burn; On to Blagleem More Farm, From there walk 1 1/2 miles down the road along Loch Scammadale to Scammadale Farm.

The first part is a steep metal track to the Burn of the Conference, then more flat to Fineglen.  Cross the burn (be careful of some slippery stones here). It is then grass track and hillside to Blagleenmore. Burn to cross at boundary fence.

Information sheet sheet provided on the story of the Battle of the Conference and the death of Colin Mhor, A prize to who can find the Fiddler’s Well spring on the right hand side of the track. Pure Drinking water.

The best option is for Car walkers to pre-arrange  your group, one drives walkers to walk road, 6 Miles from Kilmelford car park, then take car to Scammadale Farm and park there or onto Blagleen Farm and walk up to meet the walking party and come back with them. Refreshments of Tea etc at Scammadale Farm. Thanks to our MacCorkindale hosts.

Bring your own picnic, good hill walking footwear, Jacket and / or fleece.

Dogs must be kept on leads at ALL times.

There are 2-4 volunteer drivers who can take walking parties, please contact Georgina on 01866 844212 to arrange lifts if you want to leave your car at Kilmelford.


PRESBYTERY MEETING AT KILBRANDON – heartfelt thanks to everyone from Kilbrandon, Kilchattan and beyond, who helped out with the meeting of Argyll Presbytery at Kilbrandon on 2 June, at which Ken our minister was installed as the new Moderator of Presbytery. The meeting went very well, not least because of all the hard work of those who set the church up for the meeting, provided home baking in vast quantities, made up mountains of rolls, served tea, coffee and lunch, controlled the parking, provided musical accompaniment for the communion service, set up the mikes, and a whole lot more besides. Several members of Presbytery expressed their appreciation on the day itself, and there have been quite a few e mails since then as well. An excellent start to Ken’s year as Moderator!

Marilyn Shedden, Convener of the Business Committee of the Presbytery of Argyll has asked me to “Please express my appreciation to your very versatile and enthusiastic worship team.”
Let me add also my own sincere thanks. It was an innovation for the Presbytery to have a presentation of the type which we put together so the stakes were high. Happily there was a very favourable response to the presentation and a lot of comment to the effect that this is the kind of thing that Presbytery ought to be doing in its meetings. I must admit I found it quite exciting myself! Many thanks to all who contributed and to Martin for pulling it all together and mastering the projection.

Letters to Bemvu

Ken, our minister will have an opportunity to visit our partner congregation at Bemvu in Malawi in early June 2015. The church members at Bemvu are keen to make our communication more personal and to have more people involved in it. Could you write a one page letter introducing yourself to our friends in Bemvu? If possible, it would be best for the letter to be hand written and great if you could include a photograph of yourself. Include your postal address for purposes of reply. Every letter will be very welcome – hand to Ken or Phil Moss.

There will be a Fairtrade stall in Kilchattan Church on Sunday 24th May.