Edible gardens and bubble snakes at Messy Church

This month at Messy Church we made edible gardens, bubble snakes, flower prayers, the tree of life and played with the Godly Play pieces.

Worship involved apples, olives and grapes which made us think about the garden of Eden, the garden of Gethsemane and the garden of paradise. We sang The Servant King and For The Beauty of the Earth and ate lovely macaroni cheese and yummy brownies and ice cream.

Xplorer’s Report for Sunday 21st May

God’s Gift

A small but lively group met on Sunday afternoon at 4pm to discover God’s gift to us through the symbols of wind, fire and the peace of the Dove.

Helen started the gathering with a prayer before reading the story of when Jesus re-appeared before his disciples like a strong wind making them feel on fire with the Holy Spirit.

We created windmills, crepe paper flames and tissue covered dove-shapes to help us to focus on ways we could ask for God’s spirit to help inspire, protect and encourage us – not forgetting to give thanks for these gifts.

After the bell was rung, Becky kindly led the Prayz Tie in Ken’s absence closing with all saying the Grace together.

Fun and games at Messy Church on 20th May