Ken Ross to move to new post

Netherlorn Minister Ken Ross has been offered, and has accepted, a new post with the Church of Scotland, working on theological education and leadership development in Africa, starting in Spring 2019. Ken said, “This has not been an easy decision and I am grateful for much support and encouragement. It is exciting to have a fresh challenge ahead but after nine wonderful years we know we will greatly miss the Netherlorn parishes. I look forward to sharing more about these plans in 2019.”



Poppies knitted to mark the centenary of the Armistice

As we prepare to mark the centenary of the Armistice, Craignish Parish Church features a beautiful wall-hanging with poppies that have been knitted by members of the community under the inspirational coordination of Pippa Shanks. It can be viewed at the church, which also displays biographical information about the Craignish men who were killed in the two World Wars, and will be at the centre of the Remembrance Day service on Sunday 11 November 2018.

Parishioner Profile: Jane King

It’s been a while since our last Parishioner Profile so we are delighted to introduce you to Jane King (who many of you already know!) Jane will be travelling to Bemvu as a representative of Netherlorn Churches.
When the Bemvu-Netherlorn Partnership Agreement was renewed for a further five years in 2014, the Bemvu representatives proposed that there should be an exchange of visits during the 5-year period. The first part of the exchange took place in 2016 when Dikirani Gwaza and Sydney Hambeyani visited the Netherlorn parishes. The visit surpassed all expectations and raised the partnership to a new level with initiatives like the Scholarship Fund and the Seed for Life, Feed for Life Project . Now it is time for the reciprocal visit to be made. Notices went out in late 2017 inviting anyone who would like to go on the visit to apply. The outcome is that Jane King and Jenny Fothergill were chosen to represent the Netherlorn Churches on the visit. Planning is now at an advanced stage. Jane and Jenny have been visiting the Netherlorn Churches to discuss the aims of the visit and consulting with the Bemvu congregation about the programme.
Stay tuned for more updates!