Sunday 17th January: Online worship led by Martin & Myra Waddell

This Sunday’s online worship will be led by Martin & Myra Waddell. The video itself starts at 10am with a 2 minute YouTube intro, then a 5 minute lead-in, and the service itself will start at 7 minutes past 10. There will be the opportunity for online chat at any time leading up to 10am, and the usual coffee and chat time after the service ends.

Sunday 10th January online worship led by Jean Alexander

Tomorrow’s online service will be led by Jean Alexander.

Due to some technical difficulties, the link will go live at 10am on the dot, and not before. There will, however, be the usual opportunity for online chat from 10am, and our usual coffee time and chat after the service:

Sunday 22nd November: Online worship led by Martin and Myra Waddell

This Sunday’s online service at 10am will be led by Martin and Myra Waddell:

If you would like to express your gratitude to Gary and Stuart for all their hard work and creativity in providing our online worship over the past 7 months, please use the following link to make a donation to their business – they really need our support during these difficult times! .

This link will also appear with the video, along with the “like” and “subscribe” buttons.