11th July 2021: Youtube worship led by Rev. Janet MacKellar of Kirn & Sandbank Church, Dunoon

Over the next months, it’s been decided that we will be continuing our online Netherlorn worship, led by our worship leaders, every second Sunday. On the other Sundays, starting this Sunday 11 July, we’ll be using other worship videos from other sources, starting with a series of five YouTube services from Rev Janet McKellar, recently installed as Moderator of Argyll Presbytery, on the Five Marks of Mission.

So here’s the link for the first one – you might find it’s labelled 6 June, but that’s the date on which Janet first broadcast it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpOjrbxgSzk

Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to discuss the issues raised in these videos when we get back into our churches.

Sunday 6th June: Online worship from St. John’s Cathedral led by Rev Beki and Rev Margi

Our online worship this week will be led by Rev Beki and Rev Margi from St. John’s Cathedral in Oban, live on YouTube from 10am on Sunday on GHProductions’ Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/-KlgOL5Khd8

There is a special greeting from St John’s Cathedral for the Netherlorn Churches which can be accessed via the Notices for Kilbrandon & Kilchattan here: http://www.netherlornchurches.org.uk/kilchattan/notices-for-kilbrandon-kilchattan-2/