Xplorers in Action

Joseph, his coat of many colours, his dreams and his being sold to the traders going to Egypt was the story told at this session.

The activities and crafts helped to stimulate discussion and enliven the Prayz service.

Fine coloured coats were created, dream collages and beards for the brothers made, gifts of coins and “brass rubbed medallions” produced which involved everyone and kept us very busy.

Walter and Heather Ritchie joined us in the activity groups and then acted as Jacob and reporter at the service.  The children’s response to their involvement was lively and interactive.  The Kilmelford Ukulele Band joined us again and the song was “Any Dream Will Do”.   Thankyou Peter and band.

Walter was our interim moderator before Ken came as our minister. It was with his support and blessing that the initial idea of exploring Christianity with the young people in the parish began to grow.

Kilninver & Kilmelford Xplorers – October

Latest news from Xplorers:

Our adult supporters were greeted by the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread as they arrived to join us at 4:45 on the 2nd. of October.

We had been celebrating harvest by exploring the story of Ruth and as part of our activities had ground some wheat and made various shapes from dough which Hester had very kindly baked for us; hence the wonderful smell. The youngest group made another colourful frieze, sowing fields with pulses and other materials, which they had glued onto paper for their harvest crops. The middle group drew their hand prints onto coloured card and after talking about the story of Ruth wrote some of  their ideas onto the prints which were hung on a large branch at the front of the church. The senior group made “leaves” to write their thoughts on and added them to the tree. It was a very hectic but happy afternoon and the refreshments were very welcome.

Peter and a number of the Ukulele band joined for refreshments the Prayz Time and again led us in a rousing rendition of our “hymn”. The Xplorers would like to thank all those who help during the activities, those who donate materials and last but not least all who come and support us by their presence; we would love more of you to join us at 4:45 to see what the young people get up to and to share our tea and buns.

The two friezes were taken to the Hall for display at the Parish Lunch to show more friends what kind of things the group does.

Xplorers – Noah: adventurer

Jenny writes:


Sunday 4th.September saw the Kilmelford Xplorers set out on the first of a series of “Biblical Journeys” or “Adventures”. Noah was our first Adventurer and each of the 3 groups looked at different aspects of the story. The middle group’s task was to construct a ship to take Noah, his family and other creatures to safety. The younger children had to get the animals etc ready to go on the journey. The work of the these 2 groups was brought together in a frieze; however the older group were being very mysterious!

At 4:45 sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes, juice and tea and coffee were served to the Xplorers, family members and friends.

The Prayz time led by Ken then followed and as he told the story of Noah the frieze was revealed as was the secret of the older group’s contribution. They were hiding in the balcony from where they supplied appropriate and dramatic sound effects to accompany the story telling. Peter Salmond, playing the banjo, led us in a rousing rendition of “Hosanna to the King of Kings”, shaking the dust from the light fittings, before our Prayz time closed with prayer.

We owe thanks to all our helpers, providers of food, to Peter for the excellent music and to Ken for drawing all our efforts together.

Our next journey is on Sunday October 2nd. at 4 p.m. prompt when we will be accompanying Ruth and Naomi as we also celebrate Harvest.

Faith Time – launch on 26 Sept

This September the churches of Craignish, Kilmelford and Kilninver launch a monthly “Faith Time”. It runs on the last Monday of each month and is hosted in someone’s home. It offers an opportunity to explore the faith dimension in a relaxed atmosphere. It is open to all – we all have much to learn and much to contribute in regard to the journey of faith.

 The first Faith Time will be hosted by the Inglis family at Raera (take the Seil road opposite Kilninver School, then first left and up the hill). It will start at 1930 with a meal and will be centred on the theme “I can’t pray”. There is no prescribed pattern – it is up to those who come to develop it on whatever lines prove to be most helpful.

Netherlorn Churches Gathering 1st October 2011

Living Water: The Gathering, a joining of all 5 churches in the Netherlorn area took place in Kilmelford Hall on Saturday 1st October 2011. A good number of people attended the day, and really enjoyed the presentations that were given. The day ran from 10 am – 3.30pm, and proved to be an informative day with presentations from Water Aid, H2O (Hope to Oban) and Hope Kitchen, Oban.
PLUS: For children of all ages, ‘Foolproof’ Drama workshop was run alongside the Gathering day, Fiona Stewart from ‘the Hub’ in Edinburgh was leading the Drama workshop, and the story of Noah was re told during the worship at the end of the day – this worship also included communion. Thanks must be given to the group that worked hard to organise this day.

Godly Play Discovery Day

A Godly Play Discovery Day is arranged for Kilbrandon Church on Saturday 29th October from 10.00 till 4.00. The Kilbrandon Church Super Sunday team have recently started exploring Godly Play in Super Sunday and our team is busy making Godly Play materials.
But what is Godly Play? A typical Godly Play session includes a time to get ready, telling a story using objects and artefacts, exploring the story more with open questions and discussion, enjoying a simple feast and sharing, responding with a free choice using a variety of materials – art… silence… play…writing.
Imagine someone who creates a space to think big, learns as well as teaches, doesn’t always know the answer, builds a community, enables children to make connections, is open to the unexpected, slows down the pace, provides the tools then stands back. That is our aim with Godly Play.
We already have thirteen folk signed up for the day, but there is still space for one or two more. If you are working with children and young people or are interested in doing so and want to explore Godly Play, then please speak to Myra Waddell (01852 300395) about registering for the day. More information on www.godlyplayscotland.co.uk and www.godlyplay.org.uk

Xplorers June

Jenny Moody writes,

“The Xplorers Group met in Kilmelford Church on Sunday June 5th, when we celebrated Pentecost (a week early). Our theme was “A Special Birthday”. Following the welcome and introduction outlining the Birthday shared by all Christians we divided into 2 groups. The younger group made cards and play doh cakes; the older group talked about how the disciples must have felt and how the church grew. They then decorated cakes [kindly made by Isabel], blew up balloons and set up a table for our Christian birthday tea. The young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Our older visitors were invited to the party and after 2 of the girls read from Acts 2, well done girls, the cake candles were lit, “Happy Birthday to all Christians” was sung. Party hats were put on and everyone was given a bun/s or piece of cake. Our Prayz celebration was completed by Georgina leading us in a quiet time of thanksgiving.

We next meet on Saturday June 25th. 2pm, when everyone is invited to our picnic at Barnacarry Beach, if fine, and Kilmelford Village Hall if not. Please bring your own picnics. If your family is coming can you please give Georgina, 01866 844 212 or Jenny, 01852 200 222, a contact number to enable us to confirm the venue if the weather is doubtful. We hope to do this by 11:30am on the 25th. If you do not hear from us head to the beach! Any queries e.g. how to get there, parking, car sharing, lifts etc please contact us.”

Xplorers May



Jenny Moody sends more news of the


The Xplorers met at 1600 hrs. in Kilmelford Church on Sunday May 1st. Following a short introduction in the church most of our activities took place outside the church enabling us to enjoy the beautiful weather; most appropriate really as our afternoon was based round the parable of the Sower. The youngest members produced a stunning frieze/collage using grasses, weeds. sand and many other materials to illustrate the parable.

The older young people combined their groups and constructed a “field” using stones, weeds, prickles, soil and seeds as they discussed the significance of the story. Word searches of varying levels were then completed whilst individuals tried to identify samples of herbs; there was a clear winner, who was duly rewarded. We had a short break to consume some much needed juice. One of the older girls rang the church bell and the youngsters welcomed the adults to our Prayz time.

Ken lead us in worship and he explained the meaning of the parable with the help of the children. Winnie accompanied us as we sang “The Lord of the Dance” which was followed by prayers involving responses.

We would like to thank our helpers and the adults who joined us, their support means a lot to the young people.

The Xplorers meet again on Sunday the 5th of June.

 On the 25th of June, weather permitting, we hope to have a family picnic. Families from all the Netherlorn Churches are invited to join in the fun.  Details to follow later.

New Elders Ordained at Kilmelford

1st May was a very happy day for Kilmelford and Kilninver Parish Church as Jean Campbell, Sally Inglis and Rachel Ross were ordained as elders at a moving, joyful and challenging service. The “elders” form the leadership team which is responsible for the spiritual life of the parish and for guiding the life of the church.

New Elders Kilmelford May 2011 Jean Campbell, Sally Inglis, Rachel Ross