New Elders Ordained at Kilmelford

1st May was a very happy day for Kilmelford and Kilninver Parish Church as Jean Campbell, Sally Inglis and Rachel Ross were ordained as elders at a moving, joyful and challenging service. The “elders” form the leadership team which is responsible for the spiritual life of the parish and for guiding the life of the church.

New Elders Kilmelford May 2011 Jean Campbell, Sally Inglis, Rachel Ross




The Easter story “like you’ve never heard it told before” was presented at the Xplorers young people’s Prayz Service on Sunday 3rd April.

Although our numbers were lower than usual, due to families on holiday and a birthday party, everyone enjoyed the activities and the participation in the Prayz

The activity time beforehand was taken up with creating puppet figures, cutting out, colouring-in and gluing.   The story of the Trial, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus was explained and lively discussions took place in the three groups.

The scenes were then enacted as Ken unfolded the complete story during the Prayz Service.

Our thanks go to Peter McLardy, who accompanied on his guitar for the singing of “The Lord of the Dance”.

The parents and friends who come and join us for the Prayz Services are especially welcome as the young people and Leaders appreciate being able to share their efforts with the community.

The next Xplorers will be on Sunday 1st May at Kilmelford Church at 4 p.m.   

The story of the Sowing of the Seeds will be the theme

All are very welcome

News from Xplorers – Kilmelford children and youth

The Xplorers met at 1600 hrs. in Kilmelford Church on Sunday March 6th. We were delighted to welcome Paul Beautyman for the second time. Paul is the Argyll Presbytery Youth Advisor and guided us in our activities and Prayz.

Paul had chosen as his theme “surprise” and we had fun making and decorating some spectacular hats and headbands, (Ken’s bright pink fez was cool).  Paul’s telling of The Good Samaritan was supported with appropriate movements and facial expressions from us. He also taught us a new song which was accompanied by actions and enthusiastic choruses. The 12 children and the adults thank Paul for his enthusiastic help.

 As usual the senior group rang the church bell at indicate the beginning of the Prayz session, when adults were welcomed to join with us in our simple act of worship. The 12 children and the adults thank Paul for his enthusiastic guidance.

 The Xplorers invite you all to join us for fun, food and fellowship on the first Sunday in April when we will be thinking about Easter.