“With my body I thee worship” says the groom to the bride in a traditional wedding service. Here’s a clue as to what it means to worship God. The love of God which embraces us in Jesus Christ is the most valuable thing we could ever imagine. So why not make it a priority to recognise its worth? Why not share in the regular worship of the church?

What kind of power and authority is needed to govern human affairs? A matter of much concern to demonstrators risking their life in Syria and to those engaging in debates about the development of democracy in the UK. The resurrection is God’s stamp of approval on Jesus’ kind of power – which takes effect through sacrificial service and loving self-giving. Easter brings a new kind of power to the world.

Both Libyans seeking to replace a dictatorship and Britons holding a referendum on voting systems are asking, “what is the right kind of power?” Jesus gave his answer when he chose a young donkey for his triumphant ride into Jerusalem. His kind of power is marked by humility, service, and peace. And he says, “follow me”.

Jesus did not bring a new religion into the world. What he brought was new life. This is something which takes root at the spiritual level. The decision as to whether we are ruled by ourselves or by God is a matter of life and death. Choose life!

“Love one another, in the same way as I have loved you.” What a challenge posed by Jesus. Dorothy Day reckoned that “I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least.” The more we can take this on board the more we will discover the love which is the church’s true heartbeat.