Lenten services completed

Kilmelford Church on 19 April 2011 hosted the final service in a three-part Lenten series on “Faith in a Time of Recession”. Discussions have ranged across the banking crisis, tax, public spending, cuts, and uprisings in the Middle East and participants have been struck by how much biblical texts speak to our contemporary context.

Rather than indulge in finger-pointing by looking for who we can blame for our current economic woes, the discussions have led us to examine ourselves – our lifestyle, our attitudes, our priorities. It has truly been a Lenten discipline to get our lives in order in preparation for Easter.

The services have demonstrated the appetite in Netherlorn for active discussion of how faith relates to life. Bringing our questions, doubts and struggles as well as the sources of our inspiration to a worship occasion creates a powerful dynamic. The Lenten series is complete but it has shown what is possible and more of this kind of engagement can be expected.