Give a Little Community Fund, Balvicar Stores on Seil

GIVE A LITTLE – Wendy at the Balvicar Stores on Seil has established a fund for the community – Seil, Easdale, Luing, and all the way up to Ardmaddy. This fund is for all and it’s not just for food, it’s for toiletries, coal, gas etc because these are things people will do without just to put food on the table. They are not to be embarrassed by this as we are nearly a month into this lockdown and some will not have a wage coming in and necessities may be becoming short. It can be a whole week’s shop or just a pint of milk… nothing’s too big or too small if it’s needed. Wendy can be contacted through email – – or private message the shop or Wendy via Balvicar Stores Facebook page, or just come to the shop. Please don’t use the phone, though! The shop will deliver to your door, and anonymity will be preserved. Donations to Give a Little will also be very welcome, marked ‘Give a little’ or ‘Donation’.