Palm Sunday Service, 5th April

This week for Palm Sunday Maura Rae is treating us to Godly Play, The Faces of Easter.
The link will go live at 10 am on Sunday 5th April:

The Service will include the following readings:

Scripture tells us that our faith can move mountains. So what do we do when the mountains do not move? What do we do when healing doesn’t come? When the disaster is not averted? When people we’ve spent our lives praying for never find God?

What do we do when a virus turns the whole world upside down?

The brokenness of life cannot be ignored. And God didn’t ignore it – he became part of it. Jesus knew all about grief and pain: he was rejected by his home community, betrayed by one of his friends, and faced an unimaginably terrifying death. He prayed for God to take that suffering away from him.

Yet he also accepted it. He never deflected his pain onto other people or wallowed in victimhood. In the midst of his greatest pain, he reached out to the criminal being crucified next to him (Luke 23:40-43). How could he do this? Because he knew that after brokenness comes resurrection.

There will be mountains in our lives that do not move. But we can take heart from the fact that, one day, out of the pain, something brand new may come to life.

Dear God,
Give us the strength to deal with brokenness in a healthy way; give us the patience to hold fast while we wait for moments of resurrection. Help us to not return the pain that we are dealt, but transform us into instruments of greater love. Amen.

Gideon Heugh


The Shield

Surrounded by Your shield of love
There is safety in his place
No enemy dart
No deathly virus
Can alter Your embrace

Your arms are strong and powerful
You hold us closer still
And whisper Your love over us
We are secure in Your will

So let ys take this time now
To lock our use on You
To silence all the other rhings
That sometimes block our view

For Your love for us is constant
Faithful to the end
And so may our hearts respond to you
Jesus, Saviour, lover, friend

In You alone we find our peace
Our fears, they fall away
You give us hope, you make us brave
Each and every day