Greetings from Bemvu Church to Netherlorn Churches

Okondedwa Abusa Ross,
I am here bringing to you and the Netherlorn churches Christmas greetings and wishing you a prosperous New Year 2012, from the family and the Bemvu faith Community. Let’s be glad for the free gift God has given each one in the world. John 3:16. The peace of mind has come, the freedom is with us, the king of kings of Justice, and the powerful God is given to us. He is wonderful indeed. Let us all welcome him in our hearts, homes; churches work places, market areas elsewhere. Praise be to God. John 1:12.

This Sunday I am finishing 2011 end of year programme at Bemvu with all sacraments and expect the gathering to be over whelming.
Ndimakunyadilani Abusa
Happy Christmas and God bless you.
Ine mbale wanu.