Netherlorn Mosquito Net Project

Summertime on the west coast of Scotland brings one dreaded hazard – the midges! This give us a vivid sense of the damage that can be done by small biting insects. None more damaging than the mosquitos whose bite brings malaria to 250 million people each year. Over one million malaria-sufferers die each year. The good news is that there is a simple yet highly effective form of defence – sleeping under a chemically-treated mosquito net. Christian Aid is supplying such nets at a unit cost of £3 to needy people in the most vulnerable areas.

At the Netherlorn united service hosted by Kilchattan Church on 29 July 2012 a special offering raised £272.30 to contribute to this Christian Aid effort. If you missed the chance and would like to contribute there will be other opportunities at church services or contact Douglas Gibson on 01852 314 230.