Xplorer Reports for February and March 2020

Xplorers 1st February 2020

Our gathering theme was messages and ways that could be used to spread the good news about Jesus in our lives.  The response was a lovely number of young parents coming quickly in the door of the church and avoiding the wind and rain showers.

The inspirational ideas from the children included semaphon flags, walkie talkies, two tins and a piece of string along with more modern methods of iphone, texts let alone word of mouth.

Families moving into the area met and made new friends and despite the slight chaos with the snack time we finished with a song, prayer and all saying the Grace together.


1st March 2020

Preparations for all eventualities is a learning centre.  We planned three stations with games as the theme this month was “playing games & Jesus”. The older children were very thoughtful about how Jesus would like them to react to their fellow players in the snakes and ladders game and very sure that the winner should share the prize, which she gladly did.

The fishing game kept the middle groups attention and it was good to hear much laughter in the church.

Sadly one or two children had colds and were off school with sick bugs.  The nine there and helping grown ups were in good voice for the song, tambourines bashed, a focus on player and the Grace to conclude the gathering.