Xplorers, 27th February



Jesus as our Friend was the theme for Xplorers on Sunday 27th February to follow on from the Christingle making in December.

The candle’s light representing Jesus as the Light of the World shows that through dark as well as happy times he is with us as our friend.

The joyful singing of “This Little Light of Mine” was accompanied by much stamping of feet and clapping of hands as sixteen children’s voices along with the grown ups made a merry song.

On the screen the descriptive story of Jesus being always with us held everyone’s attention.

The friendship game of a blindfolded partner being led by a friend round the obstacle course proved good fun and no-one got lost or fell into a trap.

In all the excitement the organisers failed to have someone with camera ready, so sadly no photos of this gathering.

Many thanks to Esther and Antoinette for all their preparation and input.

Cartons of juice and cereal bars were distributed and welcomed to give voices a boost for all to say the grace with its actions to close this happy event.

Next Xplorers:  Sunday 27th March 2:30 pm at Kilmelford Church – an Easter theme.