Xplorers in Action

Joseph, his coat of many colours, his dreams and his being sold to the traders going to Egypt was the story told at this session.

The activities and crafts helped to stimulate discussion and enliven the Prayz service.

Fine coloured coats were created, dream collages and beards for the brothers made, gifts of coins and “brass rubbed medallions” produced which involved everyone and kept us very busy.

Walter and Heather Ritchie joined us in the activity groups and then acted as Jacob and reporter at the service.  The children’s response to their involvement was lively and interactive.  The Kilmelford Ukulele Band joined us again and the song was “Any Dream Will Do”.   Thankyou Peter and band.

Walter was our interim moderator before Ken came as our minister. It was with his support and blessing that the initial idea of exploring Christianity with the young people in the parish began to grow.