Xplorers’ Jubilee 3rd June

Xplorers’ Report Sunday 3rd. June2012

The Xplorers welcomed Walter and Heather Ritchie, who came to join in the activities and help lead the Prayz Time, Ken being away on holiday.

Latecomers who had been involved in the Jubilee celebrations at the Village Hall took the number up to 11within the three busy groups.

The theme of the afternoon was God’s care for his people and Jesus’ love for us. The youngest group achieved this by learning about the crossing of the Red Sea and made a brilliant collage which now hangs at the back of the church, as you can see.

The two older groups began their exploration of the first Passover by making unleavened bread,[which was baked and delivered later in the evening.] We then examined the items which make up a Passover meal and talked about their symbolism, all of which were either smelled or tasted!! Hieroglyphic symbols were used to spell out 2 messages of reassurance to us. The senior group’s message can be seen below.