Xplorers June

Jenny Moody writes,

“The Xplorers Group met in Kilmelford Church on Sunday June 5th, when we celebrated Pentecost (a week early). Our theme was “A Special Birthday”. Following the welcome and introduction outlining the Birthday shared by all Christians we divided into 2 groups. The younger group made cards and play doh cakes; the older group talked about how the disciples must have felt and how the church grew. They then decorated cakes [kindly made by Isabel], blew up balloons and set up a table for our Christian birthday tea. The young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Our older visitors were invited to the party and after 2 of the girls read from Acts 2, well done girls, the cake candles were lit, “Happy Birthday to all Christians” was sung. Party hats were put on and everyone was given a bun/s or piece of cake. Our Prayz celebration was completed by Georgina leading us in a quiet time of thanksgiving.

We next meet on Saturday June 25th. 2pm, when everyone is invited to our picnic at Barnacarry Beach, if fine, and Kilmelford Village Hall if not. Please bring your own picnics. If your family is coming can you please give Georgina, 01866 844 212 or Jenny, 01852 200 222, a contact number to enable us to confirm the venue if the weather is doubtful. We hope to do this by 11:30am on the 25th. If you do not hear from us head to the beach! Any queries e.g. how to get there, parking, car sharing, lifts etc please contact us.”