Xplorers May



Jenny Moody sends more news of the


The Xplorers met at 1600 hrs. in Kilmelford Church on Sunday May 1st. Following a short introduction in the church most of our activities took place outside the church enabling us to enjoy the beautiful weather; most appropriate really as our afternoon was based round the parable of the Sower. The youngest members produced a stunning frieze/collage using grasses, weeds. sand and many other materials to illustrate the parable.

The older young people combined their groups and constructed a “field” using stones, weeds, prickles, soil and seeds as they discussed the significance of the story. Word searches of varying levels were then completed whilst individuals tried to identify samples of herbs; there was a clear winner, who was duly rewarded. We had a short break to consume some much needed juice. One of the older girls rang the church bell and the youngsters welcomed the adults to our Prayz time.

Ken lead us in worship and he explained the meaning of the parable with the help of the children. Winnie accompanied us as we sang “The Lord of the Dance” which was followed by prayers involving responses.

We would like to thank our helpers and the adults who joined us, their support means a lot to the young people.

The Xplorers meet again on Sunday the 5th of June.

 On the 25th of June, weather permitting, we hope to have a family picnic. Families from all the Netherlorn Churches are invited to join in the fun.  Details to follow later.