Xplorers – Noah: adventurer

Jenny writes:


Sunday 4th.September saw the Kilmelford Xplorers set out on the first of a series of “Biblical Journeys” or “Adventures”. Noah was our first Adventurer and each of the 3 groups looked at different aspects of the story. The middle group’s task was to construct a ship to take Noah, his family and other creatures to safety. The younger children had to get the animals etc ready to go on the journey. The work of the these 2 groups was brought together in a frieze; however the older group were being very mysterious!

At 4:45 sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes, juice and tea and coffee were served to the Xplorers, family members and friends.

The Prayz time led by Ken then followed and as he told the story of Noah the frieze was revealed as was the secret of the older group’s contribution. They were hiding in the balcony from where they supplied appropriate and dramatic sound effects to accompany the story telling. Peter Salmond, playing the banjo, led us in a rousing rendition of “Hosanna to the King of Kings”, shaking the dust from the light fittings, before our Prayz time closed with prayer.

We owe thanks to all our helpers, providers of food, to Peter for the excellent music and to Ken for drawing all our efforts together.

Our next journey is on Sunday October 2nd. at 4 p.m. prompt when we will be accompanying Ruth and Naomi as we also celebrate Harvest.