Xplorers on Palm Sunday

The Xplorers

The Xplorers met in Kilmelford Church on Sunday April 1st when our theme was Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. As quite a few people were on holiday we re-organised ourselves into two groups. Before we divided into different activity groups we all, and I mean all, drew round our feet, cut the shapes out and decorated them, adding appropriate words, before gluing our footprints on to a long piece of paper complete with palm leaves and “cloaks”.  One group made some cards after the story telling and the others made a mobile to represent Easter.

Ken lead our Prayz time and during the telling of the Palm Sunday events we even heard the donkey’s hooves clip clopping along the road. Kilmelford Ukuleles were joined by a young peoples’ percussion section in a very spirited rendering of “Hosanna to the King”.  [Thank you Olwen and Neil for your vocal support]

On Good Friday afternoon a number of children and adults met to decorate the  church, to make cards, have some refreshments and listen to a story. There were many comments about how good the church looked on Easter morning.  Thank you, children.

Our next meeting is on May 6th and we are beginning to plan our summer “picnic”. We will circulate details as soon as we know them.