Xplorers Report, 27th March 2022


A small but lively group met at Kilmelford Church on Sunday 27th March at 2:30 pm to hear the Easter Story.

We started with a Mother’s Day prayer using props taken out from an empty cereal box.

Rolling chocolate eggs on to a target proved much harder than looked, but one succeeded.   Stickers and coloured pens were used to create designs on card crosses and then laminated and a ribbon tied so to be able to hang them in a window.

We ended by all saying the Grace together and going home with a chocolate egg and Easter Story book kindly donated by Esther and Frank.

Kilmelford Hall has been booked for the next Xplorers on Sunday 24th April at 2:30 pm for a picnic, table crafts, games and songs.   Please bring your own picnic.    Juice cartons and snack bar will be provided.