A plague of frogs

Xplorers – Sunday 6 May

Xplorers – Sunday 6th May

After wondering if families would be away for the May holiday weekend it was a happy surprise to find that this was one of the busiest Xplorers gatherings in Kilmelford Church.

Continuing Moses’ story we selected some more aspects to deal with in detail. The youngest group created some of the plagues and enjoyed making play doh frogs and   gruesome looking boils and spots and duly bandaged the very lifelike boils they had created on their arms and legs.

The older groups were also creative in making their versions of burning bushes – as badges to take home. The balcony group then designed and made a pulpit fall using fiery coloured crepe paper, which is now on the new pin board at the back of the church. Both these groups made origami jumping frogs, which needed only a gentle touch to make them hop. These were then raced enthusiastically though too hard a push resulted in leaps off the race track!

It was encouraging to hear positive and accurate responses to Ken’s questions during the Prayz Time. There was an enthusiastic buzz throughout the entire session, including the song “Mary don’t you weep”.

An action packed and fun afternoon for the children – and leaders!

Burning bush badges
A plague of frogs
Prayz time
Pulpit fall