Kilninver Church Flower Festival

When the Moderator, Very Reverend Dr. Angus Morrison, visited the Argyll Presbytery this September he and his wife included a short visit to Kilninver church.  It was of particular personal significance to the Moderator as he had happy memories of attending during his days as a young man when helping David Kilpatrick with salmon fishing.  (Coincidentally David was Beadle for forty years.)

A flower festival with a theme of harvest thanksgiving, especially fishing, was organised to welcome him.

In his brief but most enjoyable visit he had a delighted reunion with David.  He was shown his name, listed with other helpers, in a booklet written by David about the fishing and then given a copy.

Georgina Dalton and Jean Campbell did some great flower arrangements and the fishing net was decorated with some lovely crab shells found on Gigha.  The large fish was a kind loan from Poppies Garden Centre.

Many photographs were taken, and these few are to share the visit with more people.