Bemvu is praying for you

Below is an email from Sydney in Bemvu, who requested that it be passed on to the Netherlorn parishioners:


Christians  of Bemvu are sorry for the globe lock down due to the pandemic of corona virus more especialy you our friends in Scotland Nertherlon churches. Although far away, we are together in spirit and we ask God to heal the world.

On 28th March we are going to have a special administration session where we will be deciding on the future of S4L. We ask you to help us in prayer so that the resolutions of the session should be guided by the wisdom from God.

I am sure some of you might have heard that we have a new pastor. Any time from now, he will be coming to Bemvu with his family to stay.

We will give him your contacts so that he may introduce himself that we may reclaim the lost glory of our partnership activities.

 So far he has managed to restore the broken relationship between Dikirani and l. He lead us in a discussion and prayer to reconcile our differences so that together we can serve God according to his will for the benefit of Bemvu community. For the first time although l had already forgiven them, it has been proven that l did not do anything wrong in 2016.

 May the good Lord Lead. Fear not for His help is timely.

 Yours Sydney????