Latest News from Kilninver Parish Church

Upcoming Services:

27th March, Kilmelford at 12pm, led by John Maclean

10th April, KILNINVER church at 12pm, led by Donald Shell

17th April Easter Sunday,  Kilmelford church at 12pm, led by Fiona Morrison (Baptismal service.)

24th April,  Kilmelford church at 12pm led by James McLellan

8th May, Kilmelford church at 12pm led by Donald Shell

Kilninver church remains the heart of a small rural community in Glen Euchar eight miles south of Oban. Encompassing hill farming and tourism the parish has changed very little over the past 100 or so years with the same numbers attending the church then a now.

There are 65 households in the parish with many people having a connection to the church through strong family links. Both children and adults join in the worship. The recent fundraising campaign brought money to this small church from all over the world.

Kilninver Church

The church building is a witness to Christians and Christianity to the many hundreds of tourists who make their way to Seil. It has recently undergone a refurbishment of the interior of the building and the vestibule. The church is on two levels and is built on the site of a very early Christian settlement.

The church has a connection with a bubbling primary school that serves 35 children and a growing pre-school nursery. Worship is held in the church every second sunday - shared with Kilmelford and it is the place to be for sharing news and fellowship with locals.

Please see Kilmelford Chuch page for information on services